24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry
24th Michigan of the Iron Brigade


2013 Schedule of Events:

3-5th Adopt a Site; Gettysburg, PA

25-27th   Civil War Muster, 
Greenfield Village Dearborn, MI

15-16th Muster on the Maume; Fort Meigs Perrysburg, OH
22-23rd Blacksmith, Soldiers & Log Cabin Weekend, Waterloo Farm, Chelsea, MI
28-30th Blue Gray Alliance; Gettysburg, PA


4-7th Gettysburg Anniversary Committee; Gettysburg, PA

12-14th Art in the Park; Plymouth, MI

3-4th Port Sanilac, MI
th Cascades Civil War Muster; Jackson, MI

14-15th Historic Fort Wayne; Detroit, MI
28-29th River of Time; Bay City, MI

5-6th  Hayes House; Fremont, OH
13th Pioneer Day, Waterloo Farm, Chelsea, MI
12-13th Antietam Living History

2nd Annual Meeting and Social
9th Lansing Civil War Meeting to learn of the next year's events

7-8th Christmas on the Farm; Waterloo, MI

For a list of all events being held throughout the season click here.
Suggested Sutlers for Supplies:
(It can be confusing which sutlers have quality, accurate reproductions.  Hopefully the list below will help)
If you are interested in trying reenacting do not feel compelled to go buy all the supplies to begin.  We have a lending closet for military and civilian items.  There are a few things you would need to come out to an event, but please contact us and we can help you with basics until you determine if the hobby is right for you and/or your family.

(These are some additional units we have affiliations with.)

Perhaps you have family lineage that is connected to another unit or you are interested in a different portrayal we do have friends in other units and could help introduce you.  These groups do quality, authentic representations as well to honor our country's history.  And we have a good time visiting and playing with other units throughout the year.
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