24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry
24th Michigan of the Iron Brigade

Member News

  1. The Social has been scheduled for Saturday, March 16, 2013 at Waterloo Historic Farm in Waterloo, MI.   See the February newsletter for details.  Please RSVP to Samantha.
  2. Dues ($20) due by 3/16/13 - if you still haven't paid please send to our Treasurer.
  3. We are using Facebook for continual news on what the unit is doing. Please join the 24th Michigan Volunteer Infantry group.

2013 Board Members:

Congratulations to our elected board for 2013.  Let the board know if anything we can do to help you enjoy the hobby even more.

President - Sally Vander Ark
Secretary - Sheri Giffin
Treasurer - Susan Beggs
Military Liason - Eric Marten
Civilian Liason - Samantha Mansfield
If you are interested in participating in the civilian side of our unit please click on Samantha's name and email our unit so she can answer any questions and help you get started.

The 24th Michigan has 2 additional members that work hard for the group and that is: 

Newsletter Editor: Tonya Dye
Recruit Coordinator: Mike Marshall
If you are interested in participating in the military side of our unit please click on Mike's name and email our unit so he can answer your questions and help you get started.
2013 Planning has Begun

Gettysburg is an event many are planning to attend, but the question remains which one are you attending.  The registration deadline for the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee event was postponed to February 15th, so if you plan to attend that event make sure you get your information to Sheri Giffin ASAP.  The Blue and Grey event has a registration deadline of June 15th, and the board is still deciding if we will handle registrations for both events.  If you are planning to attend either or both events please contact Sheri Giffin and Eric Martens.

The unit has been approached by a few organizations to
speak with their groups or at their events.  The 1st for the 2013 season will be at the Lake Orion Library on Saturday, February 16th.  Other commitments will be discussed at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, March 16th please attend.  If you are interested in helping as a speaker and would like to be on a list of people we an contact for these events please let Samantha Mansfield know. 

More news is in the newsletter being sent via email each month.  If you are not receiving the newsletter please contact Sheri Giffin so we can ensure you are on list.  If you are not a member, but would like to know more about what the unit is doing please contact Mike Marshall or Samantha Mansfield and they would be happy to help you.
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